Servo size

Weight range

Typical width

Typical length

Typical use

Nano <8g 7.5mm 18.5mm Micro airplanes, indoor airplanes, and micro helicopters
Sub-Micro 8-16g  11.5mm 24mm 1400mm wingspan and smaller airplanes, small EDF jets, and 200 to 450 size helicopters
Micro 17-26g 13mm 29mm 1400 to 2000mm wingspan airplanes, medium and large EDF jets, and 500 sizes helicopters
Mini 27-39g 17mm 32.5mm 600 size helicopters
Standard 40-79g 20mm 38mm 2000mm wingspan and larger airplanes, turbine powered jets, and 700 to 800 size helicopters
Large >80g >20mm >38mm Giant scale airplanes and jets

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